An example of what could be

What is and what isin't? a perfect example of this is what i am creating. this could be so much, yet it is still so little but will turn into so much the only cost is time... but is that a cost you are willing to pay?

A resolve of change

Time itself is myserious but is also univesaly acknowledged and known by billions as well. All humans have a limited amount of time yet we spend is so carelessly so offten, and the risk of running out of time is ever present yet we still waste so much of it. time will always continue to slip away, more and more each day... even as you read this. I can't controll time, nor can anyone else, bur we can controll what happens in the time that slips away, will you use it well? or will you waste and squander is untill it finally all slips away? a want you to think about how you use the precious bits of time that you have and i want you to try and change, not only change what you do but change your attitude and the way you look at life. I want you to spend your time doing something you love and something you will not regret whan you run out of time and think back on all of the things you spent that time on.